A In-Office Writer is needed on the Hooray Heroes team!

About us and our adventures

Hooray Studios, Inc. is looking for new talents to reinforce our team. As an online publisher creating personalized children's books all over the world, we encounter new challenges on a daily basis. We work hard but we also play hard!

We're looking for employees with vast knowledge in their area of expertise who are willing to accept and adapt to new challenges on a daily basis. We can’t wait to see what tips and tricks they bring to our team!

A bit more about us and our mission

We’ve advanced our production of personalized children’s books to the point where we can now produce thousands of them on a daily basis across several different markets. Our ever-growing base of existing and future readers presents our whole team with opportunities and challenges to keep us on our toes.

Are we a perfect fit?


More and more kids around the globe are eager to see themselves front and center in their own adventures, and our team needs reinforcements making this awesome operation possible. More specifically, we are on the lookout for a creative mind an In-Office Writer with mad writing skills that would take our books to a whole new level.

If that is possible. We doubt it. So, prove us wrong.


Some of the tasks you can expect:

  • writing stories in the form of prose or poetry,
  • doing creative concepts for new books,
  • writing blogposts, texts for landing pages and ads related to all books,
  • copywriting for new and existing products.


You should be:

  • at home with American culture and mind-blowingly skillful with the English language,
  • ready to concoct viciously fresh puns, witty word plays but also take our readers on an emotional journey that ends with shedding a tear or two,
  • prepared to be thoroughly guided through the writing process and to enjoy every minute of it – the constructive criticism especially,
  • willing to do research and weave their newfound knowledge seamlessly into the stories,
  • organized, focused and ready to meet all deadlines with a happy face. Just kidding. Not.

You should possess: 

  • wicked writing skills,
  • a creative mind that can write poems and prose with equal prowess,
  • a knack for understanding a product as a wholesome unit and being able to adapt to changes in concepts throughout the process.


  • you are naturally curious and not afraid to ask questions,
  • you like to solve problems and are unfazed by challenges,
  • you keep calm, even under pressure.


  • a competitive salary,
  • career growth opportunities,
  • flexible schedules,
  • the BEST work environment with good vibes and music and amazing heroes with various superpowers ready to help,
  • support to develop your skills and grow professionally and personally,
  • and because we care about your health, we bring in fresh fruit every week and provide an assortment of cereal for your morning breakfast, as well as coffee, tea and other refreshments.


  • Write a story with 200 words about a kid and his dad that'll make us cry or laugh out loud. They should be ice-skating.
  • Write us a poem – not too long, not too short – about a kid and his mom. They're on their way to the supermarket.

Just a friendly reminder: please do your research and show us that you're a writer from the creative head to the final-editing toe before you send us something that's totally out of our domain, mkay?

At Hooray Studios we provide good times and good vibes. We expect nothing less.

Do you think you have what it takes to become one of our heroes? Please send us your CV and a motivational letter in English and we will get in touch soon!

Join us in our land far, far, far away

Anyone interested in joining a diverse, creative team of problem solvers is invited to apply. We support individual success and growth to make our team truly unstoppable.

Why become a hooray hero?

  • We’re a young company and have already sold hundreds of thousands of books on six different markets.
  • In 2019 we achieved 100% growth in comparison to the year before.
  • We develop, produce and market our books ourselves and through our established partnerships.

You can send your CV and motivation letter to: career@hooraystudios.com.